To the Moon and Back – Week 29

Last week the girls and I went to visit my parents outside Philly. We took at trip to Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library to see the “Downtown Abbey” costume exhibit. It was so cool. I am a huge fan of the show and was so excited. The girls had no idea about the show but though the dresses were so pretty. They had just as much fun as I did. After the exhibit we went into the Enchanted Forest area which is so cool. It includes a fairy ring complete with wooden toadstools and eerie mist. Ryan was creeped out at first but Finley remembered being there before and just dove right in. I think their comfort level shows in their faces.

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Rachael’s Senior Session (maryland senior photographer)

Rachael and I had so many laughs during her Senior Session. We talked about her upcoming prom. Her adorable pup. Her dreams for the future. She was natural and beautiful and charming and I loved taking her picture.  We stayed local and shot around her house using the gorgeous flowering tree right outside her door. Then we headed down to her community dock and shot on the water. A great example of not having to go far and wide to find a great location to shoot.

Good luck Rachael!!





rachael (2)Rachael-54



To the Moon and Back – Week 27

I’ve been so busy that I’ve been neglecting my own children when it comes to the camera. Sometimes when I get super busy taking pictures of other people, the last thing I want to do when I get home is take my camera out again. It grows heavy in my hand and makes my brain weary to think about having to take another photo, to make another decision on exposure, to compose another shot. But when it’s something important like Ryan’s first “dance recital” it’s time to bring out the gear. I love this picture of her right before they started to dance. She looks so confident. So at peace. So ready. She did an amazing job and I hope that she’ll continue with lessons in the fall.

The picture of Fin was a test with my new 50mm, 1.4. My old one kinda stopped focusing and I think I aided in that but using it for free lensing. Anyway, she always has a look for me, even if it’s a look that can kill.

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Julie - July 8, 2014 - 11:48 am

Great lifestyle captures–love your dancer’s sweet little face!

To the Moon and Back – Week 26

Hooray! I finally got some pictures of my kids outside of the house! We all went to Annapolis to meet-up with a childhood friend of mine and her kids and of course I snapped a bunch of pictures. I love the light in this ice cream shop. Fin, of course, it being her fabulous self while Ryan was mesmerized by the candy display. Decision, decisions, right? She opted for ice cream.

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To the Moon and Back – Week 25

Every time I take their picture, their personalities come through. They never photograph the same. Maybe it’s because of their age (8 for the redhead, 5 for the blondie) or maybe it’s just the way the are. One more sure of herself and a little serious, the other sweet and a total goofball. I love this new backdrop I got on super sale from Drop It Modern - it made for a nice little change and color really pops against the black and white.

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