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In praise of a tiny camera

If you’re like me, taking pictures is an integral part of vacation. You want to document every fun detail, capture every special family moment. However, bringing the “big camera” to the beach everyday was not on my agenda. Too much sand. Too heavy to lug around in addition to all the other stuff (think rolling cart covered in chairs, towels, umbrella, etc.)

Luckily, I have an iPhone. And luckily the iPhone has an incredible camera so getting that perfect shot is was no problem. Compact and lightweight, any phone with a camera is all you need to take great photos on the go. And if you have an iPhone, hopefully you have Instagram – the greatest photography app in history! It makes your snapshots into something fun and unique. Your images then become part of a feed (kinda like Twitter) and you can follow other Instagram users and comment on their photos and in turn, they can do the same for you. I just made my Instagram photos into an album – take a look here.


Just because you don’t use your “big camera”, doesn’t mean you’re not taking a real picture. I use my camera phone probably every day – especially when I want to capture something the kids are doing. (Amazingly, they don’t seem to shy away from the camera phone like they do the Nikon. But I digress). So spend a little time with your phone’s camera and the available apps – you’ll be happy you did!!



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