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This is my first official “personal project” as a photographer. I came across an article about a photographer who had two girls, like me, and heard one of them being mean to the other about the way she looked. The incident led that photographer to take pictures of girls to show them how truly beautiful they are. (Thank you so much Megan Axelsson for the inspiration.)

She asked her subjects to show her a serious face and then a silly one. (It was amazing how many girls didn’t have a serious face or even know how to attempt one because the emotion was foreign to them.) I asked the girls in these pictures the same questions but also asked them what they wanted to be when they grow up and tried to capture their body language as they answered that heady question. Some knew right away. Others had to think about it for a minute. But they all had an answer. Some of them more than one.

My time with each girl only lasted about 5-minutes. But what they gave me in return will last a lifetime. And I hope when they see these unedited, untouched pictures, they’ll see how truly beautiful they are. Inside and out.

If you have a group of girls you think would enjoy this project, please let me know. I’d love to meet them.



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