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The Non-Traditional Portrait (maryland family photographer)

I’m always curious as to why people choose me as their photographer. I assume clients come to me because my pictures are natural, colorful and fun. And because they just want a great picture of their family or their kids – one where everyone is smiling and Grandma will love. But when I asked a few recent clients why they bought a “non-traditional” picture from me, the opposite of what I just described, I was completely blown away by the answers.

Thank you to Julie, Christina and Lauren, for these amazingly kind words. xoxo



“I love this photo of the boys because it is not the typical pose. Megan captured a fun moment between my kids that exemplifies their personalities much more than a more traditional pose ever could. This photo will always remind me of their laughter and giggles. It is this type of photo that drew me to Megan’s work.” – Julie


“When I first saw the photo, I thought to myself, I didn’t even know she shot this! And at the same moment I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. This is why I choose Megan. It takes a special person to turn an ordinary moment into an extraordinary photograph. I love everything about it from the lighting to the way it makes me feel. It is private moment between a mother and son that could never be posed or created, it has to be ‘caught’ and I knew the first time I saw Megan’s work she just a had that eye. Although I loved many of the photos taken that day, this is my favorite!” – Christina

“My husband and I especially love this picture of our family since it’s a non-traditional family photo that captures the energetic spirit of our youngest daughter Maggie. Maggie is the darling of our family and it shows in this photo.  Megan was able to capture a picture that tells a thousand words in the briefest moment.  The symmetry of the posed family in the background with the runaway toddler in the foreground really made this photo memorable and unique to us.  Megan immediately recognized the occasion and started snapping away.  As a family photographer, Megan is not only artistic and creative but agile and savvy, she doesn’t let those split second opportunities get away from her!” – Lauren



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