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Wonder Woman Rides a Bike (maryland kids photographer)

Earlier this year I blogged about how my youngest daughter was Wonder Woman for Halloween and pretty much hasn’t taken the costume off since. She wears it to school. She wears it to bed. She wears it to play. The costume is now too small. It’s fading. It’s gross. And she still loves it. I desperately need to order her a new one, but there’s something about this particular costume that she just loves. She was the same way with a nightgown last year and we ended up finding it on eBay and bought five of them. Of course, she only wanted the original. Even thought it was stained and falling apart, that was the one she wanted. She knew the difference. And I love that about her. I love that at four, she’s already sentimental. I love that at four, she already realizes that some things just can’t be replaced.

Today, she rode her bike and played int he house in her costume. And just because she hates the black and white photos, I told her I’d include a few color ones. Thanks for stopping by!




  • Stephanie Housman Lennox - Just beautiful…she looks like Fin a little in one of these pictures where she is looking up. You have a great eye and talent. Love checking into your site every so often. I see so much beauty and love in your work. As always job well done.ReplyCancel

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