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5 – Minute Fridays (maryland kids photographer)


So, you know I take a lot of pictures of my kids. They are seven and four and sometimes they’re into having their pictures, sometimes the’re not. So I don’t usually do big, elaborate photo shoots with them. But rather, quick little mini-sessions when I see something I want to capture. It could be what they’re wearing or what they’re doing. But sometimes, I just need to grab my camera and shoot for about 5-minutes. We recently painted the walls in our sun room white so they could be use as a quick backdrop. I’ll often tell them, “Go stand against the wall!” and they’ll give me everything they’ve got for about 5-minutes. And most of the time, that’s all I need.

With that said, I’m introducing a new blog feature called, “5-Minute Fridays”where I share my quick pics from the week of my girls. Hope you find them as fun as I do!

Here’s today’s installment. Ryan with her blanket being, well…cute. I put her in front of the sliding glass door and scooted back so she would be side-lit. Shot with my 50mm, 1.4 (‘natch). Processed with “Charm Bracelet” from the My4Hens Keepsake Action Collection.



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