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5-Minute Fridays

So I was at the Marriott Marco Island (FL) this week for my sister’s wedding. I rented a fish eye lens which is just one of my favorite lenses and I had a blast with it. It’s so perfect for the beach. I was able to get the girls to “stay still” for a few minutes before plunging into the ocean or diving in the pool. That was all it took to get some awesome shots!! If you’re curious about a fish eye lens or any other lenses, it’s a great idea to try-bef0re-you-buy. I use They have great prices and even better customer service!


Marco Island is known for their shells.

Family self-portrait. How fun is that?

My patriotic bikini-baby.Finley and Jon enjoying the warm water!This very nice lady took this great family picture of us. Look, there’s me!!!



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