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5-Minute Fridays | Back-to-School

This week was back-to-school for us here in Maryland and that means first day of school pictures. It’s become a tradition, like with so many families. We stand in front of the house, we hold a sign, show off our backpacks, etc. This year, my girls are in second grade and pre-k, so it wasn’t as big a deal as previous years. But for my friends and neighbors, their middle child, Miss B, was off to kindergarten. And boy was she ready. I love this kid. I’ve known her since she was born. I’ve watched her grow-up and I think I was as emotional as mom and dad to see her go off to school for the first time. It was my pleasure to literally spend about 5-minutes capturing this little girl’s big day!!!

I asked big brother if he had an words of advice for his sister. He said “to make lots of new friends.” I think that’s GREAT advice!

Don’t forget the details!



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