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5-Minute Fridays | Full-Sun Fun

As a photographer, one of the biggest obstacle to a successful shoot can be the weather. Specifically the sun. Too sunny. Too cloudy. Too bright. Too flat. If the light isn’t right it can make or break your session. For me, I try and only shoot at the end of the day about two hours before sunset, The Golden Hour. But sometimes, you just don’t have that luxury and you gotta shoot when you can. I used to be afraid of full-sun. The shadows it cast and how bright everything looked. Not to mention how it makes people squint. But now that I’ve gotten used to it and learned how to work with bright sun, I’ve found it’s totally fun. The colors are so vibrant. The skies are so blue and the clouds look extra fluffy. It’s what we call “hard light” and it just brings out something extra in the photos.

So last weekend the family went up to Finley’s school and played on the playground and fields. Full sun, no shade to be found except on the edges of the property. I took my camera specifically to shoot the girls on the ridge with the sun behind them. But quickly saw other opportunities to capture our fun time. Full sun means awesome shadows! And if you like sun flares, full sun is your friend.

Want to learn more about shooting in full sun? Here’s a great tutorial from Clickin’ Moms!





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