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5-Minute Fridays | Pretty Things

The first thing I remember ever getting excited about photographing was flowers. I used to get up real close and try and be all “artsy.” I’d make cards out of my pictures. I’d frame them for my grandma. They’re colorful and pretty and who doesn’t love a flower. My parents live near Longwood Gardens in PA and if you’ve never been there, you’re missing out. It’s about two hours from Baltimore and it is mecca for any flower enthusiast. My parents both volunteer there and it’s just a special place for our family. When we went last week, they had a special display from the Greater Philadelphia Dahlia Society. It was just gorgeous. I threw on my macro lens and snapped away. I’ll never get tired of taking pictures of pretty things. What are you excited about photographing?2013-09-27_00012013-09-27_00022013-09-27_00032013-09-27_00042013-09-27_00052013-09-27_00062013-09-27_00072013-09-27_00082013-09-27_0009



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