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5-Minute Fridays | Fish eye Obsession

After renting the Nikon 16mm fish eye lens from about four times already this year I realized that it was just time to buy one. I love this lens so much. It’s so versatile and can do so many things. It can be silly and fun. It can act like a regular wide angle. It adds depth and dimension to any photo. It lets you tell a whole story in one picture. It gathers everything around your subject up into one beautiful shot. Some people might think a fish eye lens isn’t an “everyday lens” or even a lens for family photography. I am here to tell you, those people are wrong. If used correctly, it will become your best friend. Here are some shots I took at the barn during Ryan’s riding lesson the very first day I got my lens (the one I can keep!). You can see the different things it can do. Some pictures you probably wouldn’t even know were taken with a fish eye! If you’re curious about this lens, do yourself a favor and rent it. Have some fun. Mix it up a little!




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