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My Week with Stacie

I just finished a week-long intensive critique with my friend Stacie Turner of Stacie Turner Photography. I took her “Creating Art in Black & White” workshop last year and it was just amazing.  When I saw that she was offering week-long critiques, I jumped at the chance to learn from her again. She is very much a “teaching photographer” in that there is always a “why” in the pictures she takes. She can tell you why something works or why it doesn’t. Why she cropped a certain way or chose to leave it alone. Stacie has taught me to “shoot with intent”  which basically means – think before you shoot. Why take this picture? What emotion are you trying to illicit? Can you explain why it works? What was your goal? I find when I have a goal in mind, I take a picture picture. When I’m emotionally invested, I take a better picture. When I stop and thing, I take a better picture. This is what Stacie taught me.

If you’re looking for an awesome photography learning experience without the fluff, without the BS critique and with something you take-away and immediately use, then go spend a week (or more) with Stacie. And once you’re done, she doesn’t go away. There is an active and supportive alumni group that I love being a part of. Click here to see Stacie’s teaching schedule.

Here are some pictures from the class.2014-03-13_00032014-03-14_00032014-03-15_00082014-03-15_0009



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